WO1 Carson N. Snow, III

Carson Snow was capable, determined and enthusiastic.
 He was dedicated to his job, his unit and his country.
Carson contributed to this unit history during the spring of 1967
while serving as  helicopter pilot with the
United States Army.
Unfortunately, Carson lost his life in a helicopter accident in
March, 1977
during logging operations in the state of


It was my pleasure to meet and fly with Carson Snow
while assigned to one of the finest
Army Aviation
units to engage the enemy during the Vietnam War,


The 175th Aviation Company
(Air Mobile Light)
The Outlaws
The Mavericks
Vinh Long, Vietnam
Carson wrote the Unit History
covering the period
1 January 1967 through 31 March 1967.
His contributions to this history are
maintained in his words
and in his memory.