Photographs By Mike Barter

Crew Chief
Circa 1970

The front of Outlaw 10 less than a week after we picked it up
from Na Trang.  It had 12 hours on it when we got it to Vinh Long.  I was the
first crewchief and Pat was the first AC for this aircraft.  The old  Outlaw 10 had
some battle damage but it was also very weak.  We had to bounce it of f
the paddy dyke lines to get transitional lift with 7 or 8 ARVN pax's aboard.

WO Pat Jordan in the maintenance hanger next to Outlaw 10
after it received battle damage ( shrapnel from a mortar round).  I was CE
and Pat was AC for 5 months on  this aircraft before we DEROS'ed.
Outlaw 10 had already had a new engine, left door glass, windshield, both right side
fuel cells, 2 or 3 main rotor blades , a new tail rotor assembly,  and many smaller
parts replaced because of battle damage.  This picture is right after the
engine change I think.

Maverick 34 and Maverick 38 are two of the Maverick gunships the day after the
great ammo dump explosion in August of 1970.  I heard that it was VC sappers that
set it off and just recently confirmed that theory with Pat Jordan.

The remnants of the ammo dump.

Where The Boss hung out.
Note the Field Elevation.
I thought that was interesting because we
were 75 miles inland from the ocean.

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Mike Barter,
Crew Chief,
Outlaw 10