Mr. Jonathan Bernstein of Lubbock, Texas, has contacted me concerning a book he is writing on Cobra usage during the Vietnam War.

Here's his message:

Mr. Wright,

I'm currently writing my first book on AH-1 Cobras in Vietnam for Osprey Publishing.  Through my research, I've found a few references to the Mavericks flying Cobras.  According to the US Army Gold book, there were several that the 175th flew.  But I have not found any photographic or anecdotal evidence that they did.  Would you happen to have any information on this?

Thanks very much.


Jonathan Bernstein
3002 4th Street Apt 156
Lubbock, TX 79415

Frankly, I have no information to provide him - those events came along after my return to the Land of the Big PX.

However comma I know you guys with the information are out there.  Here's your chance to tell your stories.  If you have photographs, incidents, war stories, TINS, or other related information to share now's the time.

I'd appreciate information on the Bushwhackers myself for inclusion on the 175th web pages.

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