Request For Information on
Outlaws Mavericks & Bushwhackers

Dear Fellow Outlaw,

Hi, my name is Jim Donnelly and I was an Outlaw (OL18 gunner/crewchief) 71-72.  I am writing to ask for your help with a project I have started now that I have retired from the Virginia Beach Fire Department. Over the next few years I want to assemble a history of the Outlaws to be placed on a series of DVDs. I started with what I had about 180 pictures, two “year books” and a few army magazines. I converted those to digital form and they have been placed on DVD. I have had many good responses and now have information and pictures from dozens of people, each in a folder in their name. Thanks to people like Larry Cox, Col. Tom Anderson, Doug Wilson, Jim Spiers, Jim Pengov, JR Wright, Bob Giles, Harry Khachadourian, Tom Heydinger, George Bassett, Mike Kenna, Peter Schladweiler, Joe Wisneski, Jom Nyhre, Jim Burroughs and the list goes on, I have 10 Gigs of history materials at the present time and have been told a lot more is on the way. But the bottom line is the project needs your help. I would love your and other Outlaws, Mavericks and Bushwhackers help in this endeavor. The goal is to have at least one DVD for every year the Outlaws served in Vietnam that’s over 36 gigs as a minimum for one DVD each.

I would love to give you your own folder on your time period DVD. I could really use 8mm film or converted video pictures, slides, copies of orders, awards, patches, “year books”, and your stories (written, video or audio), whatever you think will help convey the history of the unit. I want it to include as many personal accounts as possible to make it “our” history. At any rate it is a very cheap way to get your pictures, patches and whatever scanned onto a DVD and perhaps touched-up if my time allows. The materials can be of anything Outlaw, or Delta related.

I will bear all expense of insured transport of materials to me and the safe return of any materials provided back to you. If you have the time to scan the items that would be a big help but I know most of you do not. If you can scan your materials please use 600 dpi jpeg for pictures and 300 dpi or greater for anything else. These settings allow for some minor editing to clean up the images. All materials sent will be treated as the treasure they are and returned to you as sent with a copy of them on CD/DVD to make it easier to share and keep safe.

This is a labor of love, not a for profit venture. It is an attempt to capture the history of Outlaws before it is lost. At various major update points the DVD for the proper time period will be mailed out “free” to anyone who has contributed anything to the project. The DVD will remain free to all Outlaws and their families who ask for it and the materials on it will never be used for commercial purposes.

I wish to make the DVD much more visual and compile as many “personal” accounts as possible. Even stories of daily life other than combat would add to the history. Video and audio recordings of these accounts can be placed on DVD so please feel free to record them that way. It is this type of material which will make the DVD a living history of Outlaws not just a collection of facts.

Please feel free to call, write or email with any questions. I can send copies of pictures I have touched up or provide email addresses for those who have sent me materials and had them safely returned. Please do not let the portion of the unit history you hold be lost, share it with other outlaws and their families. Welcome home and I hope your life after Vietnam has been a happy one. Stay safe and well.

Thanks for any and all help, Jim

James Donnelly OL18

2413 General Longstreet Drive

Virginia Beach, VA 23454-2611


If you have information, photographs, video, stories or items of related interest please take a few moments to contact Jim.
It is after all our History and who better than us to write it?