"Outlaws, the Mavericks are on you . . . ."

With this simple radio call the 175th AHC would begin another day - or night - of missions.

The Mavericks - the gun platoon of the 175th - were simply the finest guns in the Delta.  Some
would say in the entire country, and I would not disagree with that opinion.  The Mavericks routinely put themselves in harm's way to cover and protect the lift ships and crews. Daily.

They never hesitated.

I firmly believe that those of us who came home owe a great deal of that good fortune to the Mavericks.

Thanks, guys.

Mr. Jim Spiers contacted me last week and offered to provide photographs of Maverick crews and ships, circa August, 1968 - August, 1969.  I am proud to include them on this site.  Several Mavericks have checked in - be sure and check the guest book to see if some of your buddies have signed in.

WO1 Jim Spiers
Maverick 5
August 68 - August 69

Satan's Playmate
Maverick 36
UH-1C Armed Helicopter
Nicknamed: "Satans Playmate".
Maverick 36 was armed with two
7.62 cal. mini-guns capable
of firing 4000 rounds per minute and
two rocket pods capable
of launching 7 ea., 2.75" rockets.

Jim says:
"This photo is of my pride and joy, Maverick 36.
This was my aircraft for 7 of the 12 months I spent in RVN.
It brought me and my crew home many times.
Some times it had taken a beating and took many hits, but it never failed
to get us home safely.  I often wonder what ever happened to it.
I'd love to see it again."

 Gunner, Eddie Adair

& Crewchief, Tom Kennedy

(left to right)

standing by UH-1C Maverick 36.  The year was 1968 at Vinh Long airfield, RVN.
       Jim has lost touch with both of the guys and wishes to find them.
"They were my crew and we were a team.
If you can help me find them, let me know."

The "Pride of the Delta"
175th AHC 3rd Platoon,
The Mavericks:

(Front row, left to right)
MAJ. Bill Calendar; 2LT Jeff Wynaught (KIA); 1LT Dave Wise; WO1 James R. Duer;
CW2 Mike Shehan (KIA); WO1 Jim Daugherty
(Back row, left to right)
WO1 Jim Spiers; CW2 Rich Geraghty; CW2 John Mercer (DAT); WO1 John
Hughes; WO1 Bob Secrest; CW2 John Losure

Jeff Wynaught was killed in action in 1969 when his UH-1C aircraft was hit by a B-40 rocket.
Mike Shehan was killed in action on his second tour in RVN.
He was not with the Mavericks at that time.
John Mercer died after his tour (DAT) in a helicopter crash.
He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

UH-1C Armed Helicopter, Maverick 33, Nicknamed: "Biere 33 Export" in
honor of that wonderful Vietnam brew.  Maverick 33 was armed with two 7.62 cal.
mini-guns capable of firing 4000 rounds per minute and two rocket pods,
capable of launching 19 ea., 2.75" rockets.

Jim says his peter pilot took this photo with Jim's
camera from his UH-1C gun ship Maverick 36
in 1968 - somewhere in IV Corps.

Some viewers will recognize this photograph as it
once graced the cover of a pretty famous publication.
Uh, in a slightly modified format . . . .

The Maverick sign might have been a little rusty . . . .
but it was never tarnished . . . . . .

Sincere Thanks!! to Jim Spiers for the photographs and comments on this page.