A.  Unit Morale

The morale of the unit was reflected by the espirit de corps and devotion to duty of company personnel.  The morale of the men of the 175th Avn Co and its attachments was extremely high, despite the conditions under which they had to live and work.  The men, realizing the importance of their jobs, developed a ''can do" attitude and carried out all missions and assignments with boldness, aggressiveness and efficiency.

B.  Outlaws and Mavericks

1.  The nickname "Outlaws" was adopted for the company as a whole and the armed platoon adopted the name "Maverick".  These names along with the unit patch, were carried forward from the 62nd to the 175th Avn Co.

2.  The unit 'Outlaw Patch' was displayed throughout the company and painted on all 175th aircraft, This insignia, and the Outlaw name became known throughout Vietnam as depicting an "outfit" which was the best aviation company in Vietnam.