1. The 175th Aviation Company (AML) was a part of US Army Support Command, Vietnam under USARYIS and USARPAC and placed under operational control of the 13th Aviation Battalion.  SUASCV became US Army, Republic of Vietnam, in August 1965. The general mission of the company was to augument within the "rules of engagement", the aviation capability of the Republic of Vietnam forces by providing Army Aviation support for the ARVN forces of the IV Corps area.  Specifically, the aviators of the company would be required to fly troops and supplies over the remote and otherwise inaccessable areas located in the Delta to avoid ground ambush and to provide the third dimension in warfare, the vertical, air landed envelopment.

2. Primarily,  the 175th Aviation Company (AML) was to render support to the 7th Infantry Division (ARVN) located at My Tho, unless circumstances dictated a consolidation of effort from the various aviation companies located in the Delta.