Dear Viewer,

Here is a brief synopsis of the unit history of the 175th Assault Helicopter Company, Air Mobile Light.  I flew with this unit during the time period covered herein out of Vinh Long, Vietnam.

Portions of this report were compiled by Warrant Officer Carson Snow III in 1967.  While I was aware of the report at the time of its completion, I did not receive a copy.  I received a copy of this report from Colonel Daniel P. Last, (Retired, USAF), the week of 12 January, 1998.  Dan is a former Outlaw pilot turned Air Force pilot who kept his copy since 1967 and was kind enough to allow me to use it here.  Thanks, Dan.

I contacted Mr. Carson Snow of Oklahoma in 1995, hoping to obtain this report from its author and to renew an old friendship.  Unfortunately it was Carson Snow II that answered my call.

I was saddened to learn of Carson Snow's death in a helicopter many years ago.  I was unaware of the incident until I spoke with Carson's father.

That conversation motivated me to find a copy of Carson's work and to use it as the main core for a web site covering the history and activities of The Outlaws.  Nearly three years later I was successful in obtaining a copy.

It's as if Carson's original effort was intended for the Internet.  His Report required very little effort to become an informative and interesting web page.
Once I had successfully posted the Outlaw page I was fortunate to be contacted by many former members of the unit, among them being the original commanding officer, Major Thomas E. Anderson.  He was kind enough to send me an extensive history of the beginnings of the unit including its formation under the auspices of the 11th Air Assault, its preparations for deployment, arrival in, and early days of the unit's service in Vietnam.

The web site is dedicated to the memory of far too many young men who lost their lives so long ago and so far away.

JR Wright
Outlaw 12
175th Assault Helicopter Company (AML)
Vinh Long, Vietnam

The Welcome Letter from Colonel Jack Dempsey is the one he gave me the day I reported for duty with the 13th Combat Aviation Battalion, Can Tho, Vietnam.  Colonel Dempsey was an outstanding individual who not only warmly welcomed me to his command, but took the time a few days later to stop by and see how I was doing and inquire as to any needs I might have.  He was the best Commanding Officer I ever had and an outstanding leader.

The Rules For New Arrivals is a copy of the original I was given in 1967, as is the Lineage of the 13th Combat Aviation Battalion.  Who would have thought thirty years ago that it would be possible to share these treasures with the whole world .......

The photographs, charts, and maps are from my collection and the generous contributions of fellow Outlaws and Mavericks.


January 19, 1998
Springfield  MO  65806