Mr. Stan Gause of Boca Raton, Florida has contacted me with information
on a 13th Combat Aviation Battalion Reunion sponsored by the 1-13th
Aviation Regiment at Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States Army Aviation
Center.  The event is open to all members of organizations that comprised
the 13th CAB - the Delta Battalion.

You may download a printable registration form HERE.  Full details of the
reunion schedule and activities are provided on the registration form.
Fort Rucker has a twenty-seven hole golf course . . . .

Reunion dates are 26-27-28 April, 2002.

Stan may be contacted at:

NOTE:  The Reunion Registration is in the Power Point Format - if you do not have this particular program
you may download it FREE   HERE   or contact me and we'll work out a plan to get you the registration forms . . .

A web page for the 1-13th Aviation Regiment may be viewed HERE.

Sheila Kendall has posted a message on the guest book reference a mini-reunion
for the men of the 175th during next summer's Vietnam Helicopter Crewman's Association reunion in Phoenix, Arizona, on June 19-23, 2002.

Here's the text of the message for those of you who have not seen it:

              This message is to let the "boys" of the 175th AHC (Outlaws &
              Mavericks) know that there is going to be a mini-reunion for them at the
              Vietnam Helicopter Crewman's Association reunion in Phoenix,
              Arizona, on June 19-23, 2002.

              If any of you have any questions about the organization, check out the
              VHCA website. It tells all the information on the association, about the
              reunion and how to join (if you wish to). It is not necessary to be a
              member of the association to attend the mini-reunion, but you will need
              to register for the reunion. There are currently 18 175th guys as

              This mini-reunion will be open to ALL Outlaws and Mavericks. Please
              pass this along to those you kow who may not have a computer. If you
              have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will repost this
              closer to reunion time.

Sheila Kendall sent me this photograph of eight Mavericks taken at their reunion in Phoenix.

I'm saying the AO was safe . . . .

Names for the Mavericks are:
Seated [Left to Right] are Bill Coleman, James (Mike) Kendall,
Roger (Andy) Anderson, and Tom Kennedy

Standing [Left to Right] Alan (Al) Holmes, Chuck O'Leary, Bob Gatz, and Doug Wilson.

Sheila says she has some additional photographs to send along and I will set up
a new page for them upon their arrival.

Six Outlaws made the Reunion as well.

Seated:  Ray Roth and Tony Villarruel
Standing:  Clay Pratt, Lyle Perry, Chris Moon, Dennis Hiemstra
[All Left to Right]

Ray Roth was the Gunner on Outlaw 12 and we flew many missions together.

Thanks, Sheila . . .


Sheila may be contacted at:

You may visit the Vietnam Helicopter Crewman's Association HERE.

Please take a few minutes and pass this information along to any of your flying buddies that may not have internet access.

I will update this information as developments occur . . .

We ain't gettin' any younger and they ain't makin' any more of us . . .